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Design and hardware depicted below do not represent the latest product offerings with improvements.

CADCAM solid model design concept for 01-06 GM 3500 scissor hoist.

Patent Pending       2006 Stealth Dump Trucks, Inc. ™

CAD views of prototype hoist installed with dump angle.

Note hoist is capable of 180 degree sweep.

Actual bed dump angle.

Our competition publicly claims below as 45 degree dump angle.

Note below hoist is not capable of 180 degree sweep.

The difference is in the design details.

Clearance to walk under fenders, no headaches

Simple and elegant mechanisim.

Prototype GM 3500 hoist with 4" bore cylinder, dry fit prior to powdercoating

The longest scissor hoist in the world for pick-up trucks !

The narrowest scissor hoist in the world with 4" bore cylinder.

A full 15 inches longer and stronger design than existing long bed hoist.

Requires an additional crossmember strut due to anticipated load capacity.

Crossmember installation diagram.

Max load was applied for a duration of 48 hours in two scissor positions.

Load capacity bench testing at breakaway position.

Measured load capacity at breakaway position.

Load capacity test at 49 degree hoist angle.

Measured hoist capacity at 49 degree angle & 20 degree bed angle.

Four more scissor hoists ready for fit & finish ops.

Close up of scissor hoist assembly.

Note pins are stainless steel.

First revised 3500 scissor hoist ships out to Idaho 2/14/06

Patent Pending       2006 Stealth Dump Trucks, Inc. ™